The Healing Powers of Music

“He who sings frightens away his ills.” - Miguel De Cervantes   This wise old saying may not mean much to us, but it most certainly resonates with Gayatri, a beneficiary of Light of Life Trust India, who made it her life’s motto to sing her worries away. Gayatri is derived from a Sanskrit word … Continue reading The Healing Powers of Music

Building A Society That Serves Society

At Light of Life Trust, we have always been committed to the betterment of the community, so, needless to say, when we see our students selflessly paying it forward, it certainly fills our hearts with immense pride. In spite of dark days, when their urge to serve society surpasses the urge to simply earn money, … Continue reading Building A Society That Serves Society

About Light of Life Trust

Breaking the Generational Cycle of Poverty, One Life at a Time. Light of Life Trust India is a non-profit organization working toward Education, Skill Development and Empowerment of communities in rural India. Founded by the esteemed Villy Doctor in 2002, Light of Life Trust’s vision is to develop and support rural communities through a holistic … Continue reading About Light of Life Trust