Career Guidance – A must

It’s been a year filled with uncertainties for all of us, especially for students who have missed precious time in school and have tried their best to learn through virtual learning.

The year now has come to an end and we are entering the next academic year soon. At Light of Life Trust we have already started the process of distributing tabs to our students so that their studies don’t suffer. However, with some students completing their 10th and 12th boards, the help will have to go beyond just distributing tabs or computers.

It is career guidance that the students need at this point in time. It is the correct path that they need to choose. Light of Life Trust is always forward in its thinking and has over time held many online and offline seminars to help students choose their path. We had hotel management experts talk to our students about taking that up as a course.

Few months back a SSC career guidance programme was also conducted at various centres of Light of Life Trust. This was to help children decide their future prospects and go understand how entrance to various courses works.

While we are doing every bit possible on our part, the idea is to urge you all to come forward and take initiative too. You may be hailing from different walks of life and you may have had varied experiences. Your guidance and expertise can help our beneficiaries.

If you want to help them choose a career path, if you want to support them in their endeavours or if you want to help them earn a good living, help them out. You can either donate for their cause or you can help them by holding workshops and seminars.

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