Sanjeevani Bhelande to perform live

After two years of the pandemic and several lockdowns later, we at Light Of Life Trust are happy to announce that Sanjeevani Bhelande is back to perform live in concert on October 14 at Nehru Centre, Worli. Back in 2019, Sanjeevani performed to a full house. It was an evening dedicated to music, songs and … Continue reading Sanjeevani Bhelande to perform live

Reminiscing Manthan

Light of Life Trust organizes a lot of activities throughout the year, but the one that truly stands out is Manthan. Manthan brings together the entire family of Light Of Life Trust and it is a festival that not only celebrates the achievements of LOLT during the last one year but also sets up new … Continue reading Reminiscing Manthan

E-learning is the way forward

The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc across the globe, and brought every sector in the world to a screeching halt. It forced companies and organisations to rethink their way of working, especially educational institutions. At a time when classes were unceremoniously suspended, and exams postponed, the onus of implementing innovative solutions, and going digital to combat … Continue reading E-learning is the way forward